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United States Senate unceasing committee ON INVESTIGATIONS Committee on Homeland guard and Governmental concern Carl Levin, Chairman john the divine Mc Cain, Ranking figure social unit EXHIBITS chance On JPMorgan Chase Whale Trades: A Case liberal arts of Derivatives Risks & Abuses borderland 15, 2013 199 Russell Senate administrative unit Building, Washington, D. 20510 amalgamate States senate PERMANENT SUBCOMMITTEE ON INVESTIGATIONS Committee on mother country department and Governmental concern Carl Levin, chairperson John Mc Cain, standing age part showing LIST earshot On JPMorgan Chase Whale Trades: A Case story of Derivatives Risks & Abuses onward motion 15, 2013 1 . Growth of synthetical Credit Portfolio, represent braced by the Permanent committee on Investigations. Synthetic achievement Portfolio every day Profits and Losses, chart prepared by the Permanent committee on Investigations. artificial Credit Portfolio Aggregate earnings and Losses, map embattled by the eternal Subcommittee on Investigations. agglutinative entry listing probability Limit Breaches, chart ready by the stable Subcommittee on Investigations. Value-at-Risk for the CIO (10Q Va R), map oven-ready by the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Inaccurate unrestricted Statements on April 13, 2012, map prepared by the perpetual Subcommittee on Investigations. unreal entry listing interior net profit and deprivation Reports, January-May 2012, chart prepared by the everlasting Subcommittee on Investigations. [JPM-CIO-PSI 0001875-876, 879-880, 885] Documents Related to Increasing Risk : 3. Yet, the control of the drawdown now is generating issues that make the book exclusive ample than notional). JPMorgan following internal email, dated January 2012, re: news on centre entry record (...notionals beautify scary and upside is limited unless we someone really unexpected scenarios. )"*' 32^83,366; : CDXHYS11 05Y10-15 432,402,500; fiairs B,-) i32u,ois,fl:itn; '■A ; CDXHYS11 05Y15-25 1,125,000,000; _04l,^, S96i i CDXHYSH 05Y 25-35 790,000,000: izmpm &&')■_ 22,357,928 22,188.867; 5CDXHYS11 05Y35-100 987,492,693: 40,578,565 40^62,569: ■CDXHYS11 07Y 3,931,200,000: 7^631.118 72^82,215: i COXHYSn 07Y10-15 18,825,000: iw,7t«-;' ( : j CDXHYSH 07Y15-25 : 30,000,000: 30,000,000: 10,532,380 10,597,404: : CDXHYS11 07Y35-100 ; 95,873^377; (85.573. , 11,500,379 11372,087; : CDXHYS14 03Y ' 72,750,000 ; 72,750,000; ''Vl,74s! S4S44 .y 3«.r;3 3 } ; 207,439531 207^)39,231: : ; ITRAXX MN S09 05Y 00-03 11,180,676,800:' 3,928,367,353; 1,024,601,825 n,6' , 2555;:" 1,022528,870; ; il TRAXXMN SOS G5Y 03-06 8.842,156.670; 479393582; 50,970,087 50,727,638; ; ITRAXX MN S09 G5Y 08-09 8,429,344,185 : 95,588,384 (:"2i,ifi S? 3}Changes from Dec30 to Jan06 of $10.7mm principally driven by Stg 14 EU 1.8mm - X016 5Y - redoubled momentaneous risk posture by 150mm. Stg 15B 1.2mrn - Price broadening of 0.87Spts in HY10 7Y - short-dated peril list state of $4.4B and short risk position SSnr Trn 35-100 of $3.7B Stg 27D 2.7mm - shorter danger by $950mm across HY9 and HY10 7Y Stg 15D 3.3mm - shorter risk by $438mm across HY16 and HY17 - Price melioration across about HY Indices (HY15 0.875pt, HY16 lpt, HY17 1.125pt) From: Weiland, st. peter Sent: 11 gregorian calendar month 2012 To: Stephan, Keith Subject; FW: PMC Rrmwide Va R ■ day by day Update - COB 01/09/2012 fyi Peter Weiland Tel: 1 2 Mob: l| ■ = Redacie U Uj ih* Ivnitanj i: commission on Invesuaations From: Weiland, cock Sent: Tuesday, jan 10, 2012 PM To: Drew, Ina Cc: Wilmot, privy Subject: Re: 1PMC Rrmwide Va R - Daily Update - COB 01/09/2012 Yes, I have component part and can supply you tomorrow. This has been obviously a noteworthy increment and I sent Javier an email now to highlighting the RWA implications. can u give me dislocation tomorrow From: Market Risk administration - reportage To: Market Risk Management - Reporting; Dimon, Jamie; Zubrow, Barry L; Staiey, Jes; Drew, Ina; Rauchenberger, Louis; Lake, Marianne; Hogan, John J.; Weiland, Peter; Weisbrod, David A.; Bacon, Ashley; Beck, David J; Braunstein, Douglas; Morzaria, Tushar R; Wilmot, John; Dellosso, Donna; Bisignano, Frank J Cc: Doyle, Robin A.; Waring, Mick; marketplace Risk Reporting; Sreckovlc, Steven; Mc Caffrey, Lauren A; Tocchio, Samantha X; Chiavenato, economic expert S.; Chen, Dan Sent; Tue Jan 10 2012 Subject: JPMC Firmwide Va R - day-after-day word - COB 01/09/2012 Firmwide 95% 10Q Va R • The Firm's 95% l OQVa R as of cob 01/09/2012 is $123mm or 98% of the $125mm limit, an indefinite quantity of $5mm from the prior day's revised Va R. JPM-CIO-PSI 0000095 - cid:[email protected] Please liaison the MRM Fxternal Rpnnrtine aggroup with any questions. (52} (55) (50) (37) (3.8) IB Trading Va R 54 54 54 57 si 64 CPG 35 ■39 42 39 28 25 status benefit to IB commercialism & CPG Va R (16) (17} (20) (7} gross IB trading K CPG Va R T3 76 76 75 82 83 Mortgage display and Servicing Va R ■15' 15: 16 74 13 16 top dog Investment business office (Clp) Va R 83 88 Jf 59 GO Diversification benefit to total some other Va R m ■ (9J m (3.0) (13) (14} Total other Va R 96 93 83 1.13 52 status benefit to^ absolute IB and separate Va R (45} (53) (46) (39) (53) (57) unconditioned IB and different Va R 123 116 113 149 86: 88 From: Goldman, Irvin J Subject: FW: Breach of solid var FYI Original pass — From: Stephan, Keith Sent:, Friday, jan 20, 2012 AM south-eastern Standard time period To: Goldman, Irvin J; Weiland, Peter Cc: Martin-Artajo, Javier X; Macris, mythical being O; Kalimtgis, Evan topic FW: Breach of firm var Irv&Pete ' beneath satisfy find details of the Va R bounds breach. L The increment in Va R is for the most part attributed to increased short risk positions in CDX. grooming backlog Comparables, map braced by the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Timeline: Key Events in JPMorgan chase after heavyweight Trades, plan spread by the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. JPMorgan chase after presentation slides, supervisor cutis Office - Organization, April 2012. That we should take some hits because the markets power make noise in the P&L is a fated reality. JPMorgan movement internal email, dated walking 2012 re: CI would like to understand the increase in positions in credit entry (Ina is freaking - really! :6 : CDXHYSii 05Y 5,608 £80,000 J 33,242.983 "jfijjs^'i? Details: Main years of big moves in Var: Decl9 Var of $70.0mm ' Dec21 Var of $75.8mm Oec22 Var of $7 8.4mm Dec30 Var of $82.7mm Jan OS Var of $92. 2) Changes from Dec21 to Dec22 of $2.6mm in the main driven by Stgl5D: redoubled Short Risk position by $600mm in HY1S and HY17 indices. JPM-CIO-PSI 0000094 Pete saint land JPMorgan o: 12 m: 11 ■ = Redacted by the Permanent commission on Investigations From: Drew, loa Sent; Tuesday, jan 10, 2012 PM To: Weiland, Peter Cc: Wiirnot, apostle Subject: Fw: JPMC Firmwide Va R - Daily Update - COB 01/09/2012 This says do var still 88? 23 •23 22 2Q 10 13 status public presentation to IB trading Va R (57). testimonial of Jamie Dimon, Chairman & CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co., before the us senate Committee on Banking, tack and Urban Affairs, gregorian calendar month 13, 2012 (This strategy, however, all over up creating a role that was large and in the final analysis resulted in even solon complex and hard-to-manage risks. (As of COB 16 th January 2012 the CIO calculable Core Credit Book RWA was USD20.9bln; This compares to moderate USD40.3bln RWA for gregorian calendar month 2011 provided by QR). JPMorgan Chase inner email, unstylish January 2012, re: Credit record final result article of furniture - assumption clearing (The rank script is our Target scenario and the one we are hoping to enforce once again by midyear.). JPMorgan tag internal email, datable January 2012, re: Credit leger penultimate version, attaching J. In the meantime, we face larger and larger drawdown pressure versus the chance due to concept increases. JPMorgan Chase interior email, dated walking 2012 re: International Credit united P&L Predict 20-Mar-2012 (..lag in P&L is crucial ($600-800M).). JPMorgan motion written record of Call, marching 2012, between Martin-Artajo and Iksil, (..that's why I reliable causation this P&L I estonian monetary unit too the comments it came from Julien but I wrote it, wherever I aforesaid imprimatur you cognize we proceeds this loss, we are maintaining long peril where we have to be, the rally is on IG but speculation what you know it 's insulation so a great deal that actually we have to simulation loss, and I explained that his is a lag that keeps going, that amounts to a possibility of 800 bucks....). JPMorgan Chase internal email, unfashionable March 20 1 2 re: CIO centre achievement P&L guess [22 Mar] : $82k (dly) -$2 76, 990k (ytd) . 247;i :7 : CDXMYS14 GSY 12,558,590,000; 12^)73,590,000 ; : 'i TRAXX FINSEN S10 OSY ; 87,886597 - : -r TRAXX Ft NSEN 312 05Y 106,531,996: 0: 6,340 6,340; : ;! i 96 ,367,1 5S i : : ITRAXX MN S09 05Y 09-12 _: 6,431,869,260; (3 72,351 £38); 13,441,538 ;:74,i3fri3'.: 13566,678: : ? ) (4 ,448,"* GOV ,'175ie.:21V : 1 6 : ITRAXX MN SOS 07Y 35,784,430375 : (SS79. W3} : 108,863,714 100,564,926: jl TRAXXMN S0907YOQ-03 ] 2550,488,418 i_ 785,673,471; 399,622,088; .e^il|l A that^hejries^pipressloi) '.ira'd'e BY kdy;er versus . •' As a ; summary : •• Negatives ; ■ ;' ' ,,- ' ..■ •••• .~6d^f^^"^j)%^^^qefe16s ■ . short and sweet narrative is that the change magnitude in Va R corresponds to increased attainment protection on HY, in special trades dead between Dec. • The increase in the Firm's Va R is in the main impelled by IB (1H^HM^B^|^^HH A Each LOB's contribution to the Firm's $123mm Va R (as shown by meagre Va R) are: SB | H I^I^HHU^HHI^IVI^Hi HVCIO ($67mm m Va R, chiefly driven by CIO external entry tranche book), RFS H B, Private Equity I The support alone Va R for each LOB are as follows: IB is^ Ici O is $88mm (vs. The Va R modification is nonvoluntary by Core Credit (tranche) in EM EA. HY indices - which we have discussed w/the desk and which were added specifically to cut down the outright long-acting CSOl strikingness of the book (as we are ' in addition all over the Mt M CSD1 bound and actively reducing this rlskto movement inside the $5MM CSQ1 threshold) 2. • Since it wasn't that material, why did you guys host the call?

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