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The Arab Spring seemed to herald a new era of emancipation for women in the arabian world. But Islamists are on the rise in african nation and Egypt, and there are molestation reports of intimate assaults on demonstrators in Cairo's Tahrir Square. umpteen women in the region fear a rollback of what rights they had nether the dictators.

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Women and Islam: Erotic Novel Breaks Muslim Taboos - SPIEGEL ONLINE

A moslem social class breaks the taboos of her culture: mistreatment a pseudonym, she publishes an titillating lie divulging the undercover sexual lives and cravings of Muslim women. The production was a development in France, but conservative Muslims individual attacked it as trash. If her identity were revealed, she fears she would be inebriated in her normal Morocco.

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Sex: What Muslim women really want in the bedroom - Telegraph

Abdelaziz Aouragh runs an online sex shop for Muslims. “We don’t betray products that merely raise the love living 'tween man and woman,” he explains. “All of our products give a deeper thought to sexuality, sensuality and flat-bottom spirituality.” According to Islamic law, sex is limited to between those who are married.

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Freedoms at Risk: Arab Women Fight to Defend their Rights - SPIEGEL ONLINE

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