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Creator Mike Judge had penned the aimless duo for a fete of animation once Abby Turkuhle, MTV's senior vice chairman picked up an episode for the network's animated compendium liquefied Television. The characters, Beavis and Butt-head, are rude, crude, and stupid, and can be arranged in the "dumb comedy" tradition, which includes Abbott and Costello, The Three Stooges, Cheech and Chong, Saturday Night Live's Wayne and Garth, and FOX's The Simpsons. The half-hour idea alternated between a elementary narrative, which focused on the exploits of two low-life adolescents, and clips from music videos, which the two large integer commented on. This show, which cooperative animation and auditory sensation videos, was an instance of the unique programming that MTV has systematically provided for its vernal demographics.

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One Man's Yoga: Butt Up Head Down

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Created by Mike Judge, the show grew out of a short called "Frog Baseball," which was region of the Sick and coiled celebration of Animation and aired on MTV's cutting-edge, cartoon-centric so limited was the show's music picture commentary. The metalhead pair was unkind toward the declining hair metallike bands (and unspecified of the weirder alternative stuff popular at the time) but relished the contemporary world when AC/DC, Metallica and other "cool" bands appeared on TV. Really, the distich uttered all of the snarky comments penalty fans were thinking when look videos, but had the decency not to speak out loud.

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