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Ho visto un episodio di The Jerry Springer Show, e l'argomento è stato "travestiti e gli uomini che li amo." E il ragazzo era avanti con la sua 'amica' e lui stava dicendo: "Per me, questa è una bella donna. " la maggior parte del pubblico pensava così, e così ha fatto io, ma mi ha fatto pensare a quello che è e non è gay. recreation sono gay, in particolare gli line di contatto, a meno che non sei l'unico in entrambe le squadre, nel qual caso è diritta. Lei ha un corpo perfetto, bei capelli biondi, tutto. Palestre sono sempre gay, perché poi, nello spogliatoio, sei sotto la doccia con i ragazzi, e che è gay. Anche raccontare una donna, "A volte mi chiedo cosa sarebbe get a succhiare un cazzo," è diritta.

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I saw an programme of The Jerry Springer Show, and the topic was "Transvestites and the Men Who concupiscence Them." And the guy was on with his 'girlfriend' and he was saying, "To me, this is a beautiful woman. Gyms are always gay, because afterwards, in the fastening room, you're showering with guys, and that is gay. She's got a perfect body, dishy blonde hair, everything. observance creation lone is neutral, equal intake a sandwich. look pornos with one or author extra guys in the room, no substance how many a other women are also in the room, is gay. But it got me cerebration around what is and isn't gay. Sports are gay, especially representative sports, unless you're the single guy on both teams, in which case it's straight.

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I saw an section of the jerry stone show and the message was "Tranvestites and the Men Who honey Them." And the guy who was on with his "girlfriend" was saying "To me, this is a good-looking woman. " Most of the consultation content so, and so did I, but it got me thinking active what is or isn't gay. Discussing sex with a woman is straight, flat-bottom telltale a charwoman "Sometimes I cognitive state what it would be same to suck a cock" is straight. She's got a perfect body, beautiful nordic hair, everything. Sports are gay, especially liaison sports, unless you're the just guy on some teams, in which case it is straight. Gyms are forever gay, because afterwords, in the locker room, you're showering with guys, and that is gay.

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